Service Beyond The Switch

Rx Linc delivers a reliable, secure switch for claims processing, but we’re much more than that.

We save you time and money through data analysis, actionable insights, and superior customer service.

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Pharmacies have massive amounts of data—claims data, patient data, reimbursement data, and so much more. Data by itself doesn’t mean much. But data with analytics and industry knowledge applied becomes a powerful tool to set your pharmacy apart.

We service a wide range of pharmacies, including independent community, health systems, state, prison, and university pharmacies. Our cutting-edge technology combined with extensive knowledge of the pharmacy industry results in programs that help you make the most of your data.

At Rx Linc, we make your data work for you.

In 2021, Rx Linc saved pharmacies over $1.9 million.

An average of $17 per claim.

Data Analysis

Feeling overwhelmed by data, but not sure what to do with it? We can save you time and money by reducing errors and maximizing reimbursements. Our data technology and our experienced team capture the things that impact your bottom line, whether large or small.

Actionable Insights

We know you’re busy, and it can be challenging to stay on top of pricing and other changes to claims. We monitor and review your data and provide customized reports with clear, actionable insights to maximize your profitability.

Superior Service

When you have questions, our team is here to help. We take care of our network of pharmacies and are committed to providing the highest quality service every single day, even on weekends and holidays.

Why Rx Linc?

When our pharmacies hear from Rx Linc about recommended actions, they know it’s important, and they appreciate the value we add. Our team’s combined 75 years of pharmacy and technical experience mean peace of mind for our pharmacies because we’re making a difference in your bottom line. We want to see community pharmacies succeed, and we have your back every single day.

Client Testimonial

As an independent pharmacy owner, what Rx Linc offers to us is very valuable. Their program is much more than we can create on our own – it’s powerful, it works and it’s affordable. If I had any advice to give to another independent pharmacy owner, I’d say consider Rx Linc. It saves me a lot of time and money.

Chris Phillips

Independent Pharmacy Owner, Chris' Express Drug